Making to Right Decision

Hair transplantation is in important step for every patient. It is paramount to be properly prepared for what’s ahead and to have a thorough understanding about the procedure and the recovery process following your hair tranplant in Turkey. There are many things you need to consider before committing to a hair restoration procedure. We will outline some of the primary ones on this page. Remember – if you have any questions or concerns about hair transplantation, PENFUE clinic team is always here for you!
Are Your Expectations Realistic?
Advanced FUE Hair Transplants can be exceptionally effective for a large number of patients. Yet, you need to remember that no surgeon can do more than what is physically possible. For some patients with advanced hair loss, a hair transplant simply might not deliver good enough results. When talking to patients, our specialists always try to clearly communicate the expected results. In a small number of cases, surgical hair restoration is simply not an option.
Hair Transplantation Does Not Stop Hair Loss of non-transplanted hair
Hair follicles transplanted during an FUE procedure are not subjected to typical hair loss processes. Therefore, results of a hair transplant are lifelong. This, however, does not stop hair loss from affecting those follicles, which were not transplanted and were already present on the recipient areas before the hair restoration procedure. Therefore, in some cases, a repeat surgery might be required in 5-8 years to counter hair loss progress.
You might need to trim off your hair
Before a hair transplant, our nurses will trim your hair off using a trimmer. This is an essential part of the procedure. Without trimming, a surgeon would not have direct access to your donor hair and would not be able to extract the donor grafts. In some cases, only the donor area at the back of your head needs to be trimmed. However, in the majority of cases, the entire scalp needs to be trimmed to achieve the best possible results. Note, that this needs to be done at the clinic and you need to arrive with sufficient length of hair for your consultation with the surgeon.
You Will Need to Follow Aftercare Instructions
Our team will explain the basic aftercare following the hair transplant and give you a printed copy of post-op recommendations. We will even demonstrate the correct procedure for moisturising and washing your hair, which needs to be followed daily for at least 2 weeks following your transplant. The price of your procedure includes a set of hair care products, so you do not need to go out and buy anything extra. Results of your hair transplant specifically depend on you following a few simple rules and recommendations, so you need to be prepared to commit to following these instructions.
Results of Hair Restoration Are Not Instant
In most cases, an FUE hair transplant only takes 6-8 hours to complete. However, you will only be able to see the full results of your procedure up to 12 months later (depending on individual biological factors). Following your transplant, the hair growing out of the transplanted grafts will eventually fall out in about 4 weeks. Do not panic – this is part of the recovery process. You will need some patience to see through the whole process of transplantation, aftercare and a few months of hair follicle recovery. Millions of surgical hair restoration patients around the world go through this every year and get lifelong results.
Be Prepared to Ask Questions
We always try to communicate as much information as possible to our patients – through our website, emails, over the phone and in person at the clinic. However, you need to be prepared to ask questions and let us know whenever you have any concerns.

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