Booking Process

Every FUE hair transplant procedure with PENFUE is a carefully planned event. From the moment you make an initial inquiry, up to the point when you start seeing the results of your hair restoration procedure, PENFUE clinic professionals will be there to help you. Here, we aim to give you an overview of the main steps and guide you through our simple booking process.
Step 1: Submit your inquiry
To assess the current state of your hair loss and determine the optimal way to proceed in your specific situation, we need to see a few photos – the front, back and sides of your head. These photographs will be used to determine the preliminary number of grafts Dr. M. Tunc Tuncer can transplant for you. You will receive a detailed quote, including information regarding the number of transplantation days your procedure will require and the necessary length of your stay in Turkey. You can submit your inquiry by clicking the button below:

Once you familiarise yourself with our quote, our team will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Step 2: Plan your trip to Kusadasi, Turkey
The next step is to find a date for your hair transplant in Antalya and book your flight tickets. It is very important to contact us before booking your flights to confirm availability. Dr. Ayhan’s schedule is usually fully booked about 2 months ahead, so you must plan your procedure in advance.

PENFUE clinic is located in Kusadasi, Turkey. To take advantage of our free airport transfers, you need to book your flights to IZMIR airport (ADB). The city is one of the most popular tourism destinations in the world, located on Turkey’s westhern coast – we are only meters away from the Aegen sea. There are many direct flights to IZMIR from major European and Middle-Eastern cities. From Istanbul, there are dozens daily departures from both airports at very low prices.

Step 3: Your arrival and transplantation days
In most cases, our patients take advantage of the accommodation included in the hair transplantation quote. We work with a number of hotels and, depending on seasonality, we reserve the best available rooms for our clients. We offer free airport transfers for clients staying at one of these parter hotels.

You will receive a practical information email before your arrival in Kusadasia. This email will detail the pick-up procedure from the airport. Our driver will take you to our partner hotel for check-in. Your arrival day is usually free and you should use this time to relax and rest.

On the day of the scheduled transplant, our driver will pick you up form the hotel and take you to the clinic. Here, we will begin with your consultation with Dr. M.Tunc Tuncer. The surgeon will examine your scalp, determine the optimal number of grafts to be transplanted in your case and explain the expected results. This is the best time to ask questions.

After the consultation, we will begin your FUE hair transplantation. This is a multi-stage procedure, and the entire transplant can take about 6-8 hours, however it can be shorter than that.

Step 4: Follow-up and departure
On your final day, depending on your departure time, we will schedule a follow-up with Dr. Colak in the morning. Our driver will take you to the clinic. Here we will examine your progress, show you how to correctly wash your scalp following the procedure and explain other important aspects of aftercare. Our driver will be available to take you to the airport in time for your flight.

It is vital to follow the correct post-op procedures after your hair transplant in Turkey. Our team will be available to answer any questions, also when you return home.

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