Facial Hair Transplants

Take advantage of the high density FUE implantation using with DHI Implanter Pen method. At PENFUE clinic in Kusadasi, M.D. Tunc Tuncer uses the Choi Implanter Pen tool to produce naturally-shaped and dense beards, moustache and eyebrows.
4 Facts About Beard Hair Transplantation

Duration of procedures

Due to the nature of the procedure, grafts are generally planted somewhat slower to allow for maximal precision and natural-looking graft placement. The entire process usually takes 1-2 days of work, however in some instances 2 sessions might be required to complete large transplants.

Basics of the procedure

Have a look at our brief guide to how hair transplantation works – this is the basics of every procedure. Our experienced team extracts donor hairs (grafts) from the area located at the back of the patient’s head and replants these on the recipient site – in this case a patient’s beard, moustache and eyebrows.

Results of beard transplantation

At PENFUE Clinic, our aim is to give you the most natural results, which stay with you for the rest of your life. We take the time needed to give you truly natural-looking results. Our team carefully recreates the natural hair pattern, following the natural direction of hair growth. You won’t be able to tell the transplanted grafts from your original hair.

Recovery following a transplant

Scabs left after implantation are gone after about 10 days. Redness on the donor and implantation area will start subsiding after that. Foir most patients it takes approximately 14 days to heal fully after this procedure. Full results can be assessed after 8-12 months, however you will see regrowth much earlier. It is important to follow correct aftercare following your hair transplant.

Meet The Surgeon

Facial hair transplantation at our Kusadasi clinic is done by Dr. Tunc – one of the most experienced surgeons in the region and an expert in Implanter Pen DHI application.

Beard Hair Transplantation Using The Implanter Pen (DHI)

PENFUE takes beard hair restoration to the next level using the latest manual technique in the field – the Choi Implanter Pen (DHI). Using the tool, our surgeon no longer needs to open individual channels before implanting the hair grafts. This has a dramatic effect on the results of any hair restoration procedure, however it is the beard transplantation where this new tool becomes a real Game Changer. This is the only tool that effectively controls the angle of implantation.
The Choi Implanter Pen allows our team to implant individual grafts with a single motion. Essentially, grafts are manually “injected” with the syringe-like tool. This method of hair transplantation drastically reduces unnecessary trauma and blood loss during the procedure and significantly shortens the recovery period. Combined, this amounts to better graft survival rate and unrivalled results.

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