Body Hair Transplantation

During a traditional hair transplantation procedure, patients’ hair from the back of the head is used as donor grafts. However, in some cases the amount of grafts that can be safely harvested from this area is not enough. In these situations, M.D. Tunc Tuncer can extract additional donor grafts from the patients’ beard and chest.
What is Body Hair Transplantation (BHT)?

Traditional hair transplantation involves harvesting donor grafts from the back of the patient’s head. In some cases, when the number of grafts that can be safely harvested from this traditional donor area is not enough, our hair restoration surgeon in Antalya can use alternative donor areas to extract additional grafts. This increases the overall number of transplanted grafts, which means we can cover a larger area affected by hair loss or produce higher density of implantation.

Body hair transplantation is more complicated, in part because it requires anesthesia to be applied to additional areas. Grafts harvested from these areas might not be suitable for implantation on the hairline for cosmetic reasons. Instead, body hair grafts are usually used to increase density at the top of the scalp and the crown.

What areas of the body can be used as alternative donor hair sources?

When using body hair for implantation on the scalp, M.D. Tunc Tuncer primarily extracts grafts from two areas:

Beard (under the chin)

Donor grafts can be extracted from a patient’s beard. Specifically, the extraction area is located under the chin. This leaves minimal evidence of the procedure after the healing period. To avoid scarring this donor area, up to 1000 grafts can be extracted at a time. These grafts can be used to, for example, add density at the top of the scalp and the crown.


In certain cases, donor grafts can also be extracted from the chest area. This process is not painful and is conducted under local anaesthesia. Traditionally, this area does not yield a large number of donor grafts and is only used when other donor sites are exhausted. Chest grafts can be used to improve the density on some areas of the scalp.

Is body hair transplantation painful?

In most cases, body hair grafts are harvested under local anaesthesia, so patients do not experience pain during this procedure.

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