Stages of Hair Transplantation

Every hair transplant involves a number of steps: pre-op consultation, graft extraction and preservation, implantation and post-op care. In most cases, this entire procedure takes from 6 to 9 hours. Read below the detailed steps of FUE hair transplantation at our clinic in Turkey.
Stage 1: Consultation and Preparation
At the beginning of a hair transplantation procedure, patients sit down for a one on one consultation with M.D. Tuncer. It is important to individually assess every case and determine the optimal number of grafts to be transplanted, as well as their placement. This is the time to discuss the projected results and ask questions. We then proceed with the mandated pre-op tests and other preparations.
Stage 2: Donor Graft Extraction
During this step, the surgeon uses a specialised tool to extract donor grafts from the patient’s donor area. Traditionally donor grafts are extracted from the back and sides of the scalp, however in some cases alternative donor areas are used. During an Advanced FUE procedure, grafts are always extracted one by one. This type of extraction does not leave an elongated scar on the donor area.
Stage 3: Graft Preservation
As grafts are extracted, our team takes active measures to preserve them for implantation. Once a graft is extracted from the donor area, it is cleaned, sorted according to the number of hairs it contains and submerged in an active plasma solution, which maximises survivability. Petri dishes with the grafts are then refrigerated until implantation.
Stage 4: Implantation
Once a sufficient amount of grafts is extracted, M.D. Tuncer begins implanting them using the Implanter Pen DHI Method. A team of nurses loads individual grafts into the Implanter Pens, one at a time, and passes them to M.D.Tuncer. This method of implantation allows us to implant grafts between existing hair, produces very high density of implantation. M.D. Tuncer has full control over the angle of implantation, a unique property of the Implanter Pen method.
Stage 5: Post-op care
After the main stages of a hair transplant are completed, it is important to follow correct aftercare procedures. This includes washing the donor and implantation areas, protecting the transplanted grafts the elements, excessive rubbing, impacts and direct sunlight. The surgeon will also schedule a follow-up a day after the hair transplant to check on the recovery progress.

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