Implantation Using Implanter Pen(DHI)

Not all methods of FUE implantation are equal. At GETFUE Clinic in Turkey, the innovative surgical team headed by M.D. Tunc Tuncer has extensive experience in the most advanced and demanding method of implantation available – Choi Implanter Pen DHI. This technique allows us to create denser hairlines, implant between existing hair and control the angle of graft implantation, something impossible with any other implantation methods.
What is Implanter Pen DHI Hair Transplantation?
The DHI Implanter is a pen-like instrument with a hollow needle on one of its ends. During the implantation stage, technicians at the operating room load extracted hair grafts into the hollow needle end. The surgeon then uses the pen to implant the pre-loaded into the scalp. This process is then repeated for every single graft. During a typical transplant, our hair transplant surgeon and the team use a number of pens interchangeably to optimise the implantation time and pace.
What sets DHI Implantation apart?
The use of an implanter pen eliminates the need for channel incisions. Using conventional implantation methods, the surgeon would use micro-motors to create tiny circular incisions on the scalp first and then insert grafts inside these channels. Using DHI, surgeons can now “inject” grafts directly into the recipient zones in one quick movement.
What are the advantages of Implanter Pen use?

Higher Density of Implantation

DHI Implantation does not require the surgeon to make any implantation channels. Grafts are loaded directly into the instrument and “injected” into the scalp tissue. When using single hair grafts (usually for building hairlines), this allows us to safely place a large number of grafts into a specific area.

Full control over the angle of implantation

Design of the implanter pen instrument allows the surgeon to implant grafts at a certain angle. In practice, this cannot be achieved with any other method of implantation. Placing grafts at a specific angle recreates the natural direction of hair growth and produces the most natural results.

Implantation between existing hair

The DHI method allows us to safely implant grafts between existing hair. In most cases this also means that there is no need for a full shave. This would not be possible if implantation channels would need to be created first.

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